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Why We Must Cast A Critical Eye On The Deceit Of Critical Race Theory

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another summer of white-guilt, a time in which the irrepressible attraction of Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is the rage — speaking both in terms of fashion and emotions.

Do we even know what it is? It’s amazing how many chime in on such a loosely defined doctrine, no?

But, for those who condone or condemn, and I will momentarily explain why the latter is better, we will work with the following:

CRT is a decades-old movement of American civil-rights academics that examines history through a lens that, ahead of time, has been ground to reveal that white supremacy is at the root of societal ills. Virtually every aspect of American life must be approached by looking at how Whitey has stacked the deck to hold down everyone else.

Do Latino, Asian, Indian or Black populations have any responsibility, even culpability, for any problems? Oh, sure, but they must be viewed through a lens-of-victimization clearer than the finest ever made by Leica.

Anyone remember those old-fashioned lines about, being judged by the content of your character instead of the color of your skin?” Sorry. That’s so….60’s!

Disclosure: I am a white man. Second-disclosure: I vest faith in the individual, regardless of his/her pigmentation. That is why I am not going to argue both sides of this insidious theory; there are not two sides — or, at least, there should not be.

If you are among the deceived –those who subscribe to CRT– then you adhere to a doctrine that:

  • Places you in groups and judges accordingly, ignoring the eloquence and accuracy of Marin Luther King’s message.

  • Belongs to a Marxist-style indoctrination but divides along racial lines instead of socio-economic ones.

  • Pits races against one another and ramps up rhetoric and anger instead of finding common ground.

  • Encourages people to place race above all else.

  • Promotes equity over equality and justifies immoral and unconstitutional means to meet an end.

  • Fails to recognize progress made in America and elsewhere through the centuries.

  • Deludes people into believing that living up to American ideals was only to benefit whites in America, and done selfishly, with malice.

  • Teaches false history about America and its founding principles.

  • Fails to recognize the role America has played in a worldwide abolitionist movement.

  • Never mentions the overwhelming number of whites who played a key role in the struggle to make reality a promise that “all men are created equal.”

  • Creates anger, mistrust, hatred, racism, bitterness, and victimization in the Black community.

  • Rejects meritocracy and promotes equity regardless of skill sets and productivity.

  • Preaches entitlement that discourages sacrifice and personal responsibility.

  • Holds as guilty most, if not all, whites for sins of past generations.

  • Teaches against forgiveness and growth but highlights past into today’s full focus.

  • Creates an “us-versus-them” mentality.

  • Fails to teach a reality that the United States, for all minorities, is the best nation in the world to live in.

  • Insinuates that whites believe they are superior to Blacks.

  • Teaches that whites have it much easier because of privilege, and struggles encountered by Blacks are because of skin color.

If CRT had an element of truth, even with a plethora of liabilities, this white man would get in line to acknowledge blame. But, with no hesitation, I self-remove from the list of the indicted.

CRT is riddled with falsehoods, hatred, and just the kind of racism that is so much an anathema to the great majority of whites.I will not be a part of it. The only option: Reject this doctrine and those who perpetuate it.

The most expeditious way?

Keep on, keeping on. Preach King’s message and ask CRT supporters if they still believe his message.

Anyone who does must come to grips: You can’t have it both ways. That truism should embarrass anyone endorses the immorality of CRT.

But it probably won’t because doubling down on stupidity is what evil does.

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