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About Streamlined Performance

Streamlined Performance is dedicated to instructing military personnel, triathletes, master swimmers, and fitness swimmers to "Own Your Environment" -- if that environment happens to be the open water or the pool. We offer customized courses based on your individual or your organization's collective needs. Courses focusing on water competency, technique, efficiency training, and/or instructing (coaching) are available.

From the Founder

"As the founder of Streamlined Performance, it is my belief that anything worth doing is worth doing well. It is also important for us to use our time wisely, as we all have many roles within our lives. These roles may include being a wife, husband, parent, volunteer, employee, employer, athlete, warrior, or other. As such, most of us have little time to devote to training in the water. "Spend each minute of your precious training time wisely so you get the most progress out of every practice. Whether you are interested in coming out of the water in a better position and with less fatigue at the beginning of a triathlon, or want to have better overall efficiency and competency in the water, Streamlined Performance is where to get the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your potential."

- Jeff Utsch

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