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They Will Tear Down Our Monuments — And Rightfully So

In 100 years, they will most certainly tear down the monuments of this generation.

Moreover, it will only give our descendants more delight as they abolish our legacy. And we thought we were the enlightened creatures of our day.

They will look back with disgust and contempt. They will see us as power hungry, Machiavellian, untrustworthy, irresponsible, ungrateful, ignorant, racially-divided, class-divided, party-divided, regionally-divided, unforgiving, ungodly, gullible, un-thinking, selfish, shallow, lazy, emotional, irrational, misguided and illiterate children.

Have I left anything out?

Our nation’s recent history is that of parents bequeathing an imperfect yet fully operational company that has gone through hell-and-back to become successful. The children then wreck that legacy as they in-fight, power-seek, backbite, lie, steal, demonstrate fiscal irresponsibility, show lack of vision and indifference to the company or its employees. All the while, they believe, the company can never fail. It will somehow keep operating along….until it doesn’t.

Oh, they will tear down our monuments with fervor because, unlike our ancestors who were just becoming enlightened to the, “All men are created equal,” age, this generation has the time and information to sit properly in judgment.

They will tear down our monuments because:

  • Our generation has failed to recognize and appreciate the progress we have made in this nation and around the globe in recognizing that “All men are created equal” and, instead, find ways to hijack this progress through division and false narratives.

  • We have failed to teach that this equality exists within our equality of unalienable rights and not of outcome

  • We have allowed the “woke” to take over the steering wheel of societies path because of cowardice and negligence.

  • We prosecute those of lower class and means while allowing criminals of the political class to go free, at least of a certain party.

  • We do not hold accountable those who make false allegations of the largest scale that effect our entire nation.

  • We let politicians and media divide us to achieve their corrupt agendas.

  • We allow race to be our primary identity and have ignored MLK’s counsel and rejected his dream.

  • We have lost the vision that America once had and, instead of disagreeing on how to reach that vision, now possess no shared vision.

  • We allow ourselves to be manipulated by media when we know, or should, that what they report is often deliberately distorted.

  • We have lost our courage to stand up for what is right — and fight what is wrong. Wasting our time on peripheral issues like men in women’s sports, comes to mind.

  • We have been idle while the mob destroyed our shared history, which should be our greatest national treasure

  • We have failed to teach history as “our” struggle, not merely that of one or another group.

  • We have failed to be worthy stewards of our unique inheritance of liberty and all the privileges and blessings associated with U.S. citizenship.

  • We have replaced liberty as a first principle with the belief that government should take care of us and protect us at all stages of life, therefore trading our unalienable rights for “safety” and “entitlements”.

  • We do not understand the proper role of government and, instead, use it as a weapon to get from others what we can’t legally take for ourselves.

  • We have diminished future generations’ ability to reach their potential as they will be still cleaning up our mess.

  • We have indebted our posterity by living beyond our means and have become modern-day slave holders by devouring our children’s bread without their consent. They will pay for our sins.

  • We have allowed antagonists to manipulate and exacerbate the social ills in our society and enabled them to make worse that which was mending

  • We have allowed others to separate us into races, sexes and classes while pitting us against one other.

  • We have allowed our political system to become corrupt from within and without.

  • We want the blessings of liberty while not taking on the individual responsibilities to make liberty work.

  • We have created a hyper-toxic atmosphere that dissuades many from seeking office and often corrupts those in office.

  • We do not comprehend or recognize America’s historical influence in spreading liberty, increasing opportunity, extending life, expanding prosperity, elevating standards of living and so much more.

  • We are quick to believe in false narratives and do not educate ourselves before we act.

  • We have become cowards in the face of false accusations and the tide of public opinion.

  • We fail to respond quickly and definitively to absurd demands such as “defunding the police” to placate the ignorance of the mob.

  • We discard the hard work of policy reform and allow our Judicial branch to legislate for us.

  • We allow Presidents and Governors and to assume extra-constitutional powers with little objection and almost no restraint from the legislative branch, whose primordial duty is to check those powers. Then we yell, “Bloody murder,” when a President uses powers justly.

  • We are willing to give up hard-fought liberties with the slightest threat to life. Fear, indeed, governs our actions.

  • We continue to play the role of Charlie Brown falling down for Lucy and the football, time and again, in buying the lies and exaggeration of the mainstream media.

  • We believe Black Lives Matters really subscribes to that statement even though it devotes no thought to the aborted millions of minority babies or black-on-black violence. We then fail to see their true goals which are in plain sight.

This is just scratching the surface.

Yes, they will tear down our monuments and it will be with cause. We should have known better.

Like Anakin Skywalker, we are supposed to be the chosen ones! We are supposed to be the enlightened ones!  But instead our vision is clouded, and our actions corrupt because we fail to hold firm to the iron rod of truth and of the principles that could and should continue to guide us through the storm.

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