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The Pernicious Hyperbole Never Ceases

The hyperbole never ceases.

It is amazing that we have not yet learned from experience to be skeptical of what booms from the television or computer screens.

  • Scientists are telling us that the world is ending within 12 years because of man-made climate change.

  • Politicians have told us for years that “inside” facts exposed Trump as a Russian colluder.

  • Mainstream media told us that Russia affected the outcome of the 2016 elections.

  • Constitutional experts informed us that Trump’s actions to-date are worse than any other President in U.S. history.

  • The New York Times tells us that racism is rampant and continues to reside at the heart of our national identity.

  • Twenty-five thousand missing emails from Hillary Clinton are acceptable, but Roger Stone required a squad of armed agents to bring him in.

And, now, many of the same people and expert doctors inform us that Corona Virus is the big one, the foe that will kill potentially millions, so we must shut down everything and comply or risk being branded selfish and indifferent?

And most are buying it? Lucy and Charlie Brown come to mind.

Is there anything that has come out of mainstream media (MSM) that has not been completely fabricated, overblown or underplayed according to their own biases and desires.

Here’s one man not buying in.

I’m not saying that the virus isn’t real and doesn’t pose a threat. I am saying it is not to the scale we are being told.

And, heretical as it may be, I am asking about the long-term ramifications after the consequences of our overreaction dwarf the effects of the virus, itself.

Many bought the Trump-Russia collusion not merely for weeks or months but for years. Some still do, even though it is documented that the Trump dossier was based on falsehoods and the Mueller report demonstrates the absence of collusion.

Trump’s Impeachment articles are an example of how, if we focus on just about anything, we can make it seem even worse.

In historical perspective, the President’s actions are mild when juxtaposed with almost any President, especially the one who preceded him. The man-made climate change fiasco is probably the best comparison to the virus because of its magnitude and the potential effect our reaction to it has on our daily lives.

Despite the many so called “experts” (scientists in their own self-interest) who have concluded we are causing this climate change, the debate is far-from-settled as many other scientists conclude that we influence the climate very little with what we produce.

Yet, believe the latter and you will be shamed to silence.

It seems as if every hurricane we detect off Florida’s coast is the next Godzilla that will crush everything it its path. Overselling hurricanes is acceptable because the cost of overreacting is small in comparison to what a hurricane can destroy.

But, in the case of the corona virus the opposite is true. Our government and the media are selling it as the next Category 5 storm guaranteed to hit the entire nation.

Problem is, the numbers don’t prove this to be the case. The known consequences to the unwise measures we have taken as a precaution are clearly becoming worse than the disease itself. It is time to change course — right now.

Doctors at Center for Disease Control and well-meaning virus specialists have given us the best way to curb the spread of the virus, as requested.

The problem is that the best way to stop the virus spreading is not what is best for our nation as a whole.

It is like giving a patient so much chemo that the cancer is surely gone but so is the patient. A holistic approach is needed and now. If we can stop the disease in its tracks but the consequences are complete and utter ruin of the economy, we have traded bad for worse. We need to create other options that slow the virus while allowing the economy to respond and function close to normal.

Wouldn’t that be the wiser path?

Where are those options and why haven’t they been publicly debated?

In a wartime setting, to which this has been compared, the commander-in-chief is given options to weigh. Different plans with a variety of risks and outcomes, should be weighed considering the national body as a whole.

The President, recently, has started to see through all this, recognizing that the cure must not become worse than the disease.

If this is not to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, Trump needs to take bold action now in formulating plans B and C. If he does not, the consequences will be catastrophic and long-lasting. Our faith in media has already been shattered. Do we want the same erosion when it comes to our faith in government?

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