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On Today’s Contemplation Docket

At the same time one can:

Love his fellow man and have his best interest at heart

Know and understand that the Corona virus is a real danger

Have empathy for and give comfort to those who are suffering

Worry for the health of our families and of all people

Experience grief when we hear of people dying or suffering from this or any disease or accident

Do what we can to help those most vulnerable

Reach out and make sure that our family members, friends and neighbors have what they need

Take this threat-to-life seriously as we do any real threat

Not panic and overreact because the focus happens to be on this 24/7

Have faith this is not the end-of-the-world as we know it and we will survive

Understand that bad things do happen in life and we are not always in control

Have faith that God, whatever we call him and wherever he is worshipped, has a plan

Educate and encourage others to try and gain what we believe to be the proper perspective on this

And also:

Believe that certain actions taken to mitigate the virus are unwise based on a holistic view of society

Believe that these long-term consequences could dwarf the damage caused by the disease

Believe that the powers-that-be have not thought through the domino-effects of their decisions

Believe that we really have no idea what ripples in our future we may be creating

Believe that our enemies now know how to destroy our society through fear and worst-case models

Believe that the experts are doing their best but have shown they can’t really predict much

Believe that other experts are unwilling to step forward because of shaming if one dissents

Believe that the media plays a role in spreading panic and fear and encouraging overreaction

Believe that there are political actors using this to meet their nefarious ends and want it to continue

Believe that it will be difficult to find the truth about whether our mitigation efforts actually worked

Believe that if this happened 40 years ago, we would just be having a bad flu season

Believe that this is a debate about life vs life and not just life vs money

Believe that our liberties are in real danger when we witness our willingness to give them up so quickly

Think there could have been many other options considered and taken

Be wary when the government justifies its actions to show what a great job they have done

Use the data and knowledge we now have to course-correct instead of doubling-down

Not vilify or bully others if they happen to disagree with our point of view

Recognize that we could be wrong in our opinions

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