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My Never-Trump Friends

Where are you? Have you abandoned the field? Are you hiding from an overwhelming assault on the federal republic because of your disdain for one man?

Whether you like him or not is irrelevant. Trump is the legitimate, duly-elected President of the United States. No Russian collusion put him there. And, if you think Russians had any role, remember, that interference happened on the Obama watch.

To seek his removal through coordinated, unjust, corrupt, underhanded, abusive, subversive, and unconstitutional means should instill yet a greater indignation and danger-signs than one man could ever impose. To sit idle because a goal is to remove someone you believe detestable, is to be complicit with those who would destroy the fabric of our nation because of ideology or personal contempt.

Or, have you become an enemy of liberty, reasoning that any means is worth the destruction of the President? If so, you have gone to a deep-and -dark place where emotion and passion negate the rational.

Oh, I get it.

You think President Trump is any number of derogatory words. Morally corrupt, womanizer, self-absorbed, habitual-liar, narcissistic, egotistical and the list goes on. Well, there are many politicians who fit that list, and some have gone on to be president. Does your list warrant committing the greater crime of removing a president under false pretenses?

So, you think it is OK to create a fake dossier? You think it’s acceptable to lie to FISA Courts? You think all is well when not just a single federal agency, but a string of them coordinate an attack on our system of governance? This is the old straining at a gnat and swallowing a beam.

You can still disdain Trump. But, love the Republic and fight for the rule of law.

Although many thought President Obama was an enemy of the Constitution, placing ideology over the proper constitutional paths, it would never have justified knowingly fabricating the means to remove him from office. There is a higher law that needs to be followed: rigorous adherence to the law.

Please look at your principles and how they are prioritized.

Trump may not be the ideal leader, as measured by traditional metrics, but he is our president. One can legitimately fight him over his actions, and policies, but to take the Machiavellian approach — that anything goes as long as Trump goes — puts you in a lesser-light and drives many off the fence of understanding.

Where are you in calling-out Democrats in crazy overreaches in their pursuit of Trump? If you were countermanding them with the vigor used to crush Trump, you might have more credibility. Instead, you stay silent, just so long as Trump is impugned. Where has your objective thought gone? Where has your love of the Constitution and rule-of-law gone? Your excuses of Russian collusion are gone, and even when you had that premise, you ought to have waited for the outcome instead of hoping that accusation came true.

In the end, what one thinks of Trump should bear not on reverence for the Constitution. Think Trump is, still, guilty of treason? (I’m unsure of how anyone could still truly believe that unless willfully ignoring the evidence.) How can you be OK with a fabricated and patently unconstitutional abuse of power to remove Trump from office?

Dislike for Trump is understandable even to those who believe he is just what the doctor ordered.

Yet, your lack of perspective, prioritizing principles, willingness to stay silent on clearly-unjust and fabricated accusations, remaining quiet on supporting anything the President does brings your judgment into question.

You align yourself with enemies of liberty to subvert the Constitution. You cheer at potential obstruction charges when there was no crime.

You rationalize that it is OK to take out this president because he is repugnant to you. Your hope that someone, anyone, will catch Trump in an impeachable offense.

Be careful not to stumble on that rocky, high moral ground you have claimed as your own. The fog must be thick up there if that perspective prevents the proper aligning of priorities that you historically have owned.

Come down from your lofty perch and rejoin your brothers and sisters to fight the true enemies of liberty who attempt, by lies and deceit, to destroy the fabric of our nation.

Then, do what you feel right but be careful, in your zeal to remove a president, you may also impeach your integrity.

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