• Jeff Utsch

Jeff Utsch Constitutional Scholar and Speaker

Jeff Utsch speaks regularly in Arizona on topics related to the United States Constitution, founding principles, and United States history. He has spoken to audiences of 30 to 500, taught a diverse array of age groups, and is a regular guest speaker on the weekly constitution segment of the James T. Harris Show on 104.1 The Truth FM radio.

His areas of focus include the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, Nullification, State Ratification Conventions of 1787-1790, and Constitutional Antecedents

Jeff is an unbridled advocate and defender of the compact view of the Constitution as espoused by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. He recognizes that the Constitution was not ratified by “one people,” but by several distinctly sovereign entities through state ratification, which gave the Constitution legally binding status.

Jeff believes strongly that the Constitution was not written and implemented in a whimsical fashion, but instead through a particularly laborious and exhaustive understanding of the British experience that the founders lived under and observed. That generation recognized the usurpation of power by tyrannical kings through treacherous means, and understood the historical processes used to stop it and constrain a ruling authority. It is only through an avid understanding of approximately 800 years of the British and American experience that we can understand the framework of the United States Constitution.

Jeff teaches about the dangers of an overreaching centralized authority and is an opponent of perpetual debt, centralized banking, and fiat currency, and uses constitutional arguments in support of these positions.


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