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It Need Not Have Come To This

Warning-siren: We are on a fast-track to self-destruction.

The simultaneous collapses we witness today:

Our political system, the rule of law, long-held American principles, Federalism, the legislative branch and representative government, consent of the governed, limited government, our monetary system, real capitalism, trust in leaders, faith in media, search for truth, individual responsibility, unalienable rights, free speech, due-process, proper role of government, family, race relations, civility, moral norms, educational institutions, national priorities, Constitutional barriers, a shared history and vision and reverence toward God.

Anything I’ve omitted?

A close examination of any of these topics would provide answers as to why this self-destruction is so rapid and pervasive. What is clear: It is happening to the thunderous applause on the left, as it overthrows that which the silent majority does not hold dear-enough to defend.

It is sad and breathtaking. That which our forefathers built with sweat and blood for us and future generations is diminishing before our eyes. We allow it to be thrown-away because we did not pay for it.

Yes, this means your children will not have the opportunity to become all they could have been. Their pursuit of happiness has hit a roadblock. They will be stunted. Just how much is yet to be determined, but actions have consequences and those we have taken — or failed to take — will carry the highest-of-prices.

If you believe we can have decline in all these spheres of life and still maintain the blessings of liberty, you are in denial. The connection between freedom and opportunity — pursuit of happiness — was grasped by our Founders and abandoned by us.

Our memory-loss, however, doesn’t mean it is not so. (Remember the dodo bird?)

This descent could have been avoided and, indeed, would have been by a wiser people. But, alas, we are far from wise. A better term: “mis-educated.”

Even if we made a huge course-correction right now, the road back would be long and hard. But, as we accelerate in the wrong direction, chances of a crash become inevitable. We have made poor choices and the time to pay is coming soon.

All this need not have been, if we:

— Did not lose control of our educational system. — Put the child’s education above political- and union-power. — Took responsibility to supplement our children’s education at home. — Educated ourselves on what made America great in the first place. — Understood and taught why/how our system of government worked so well. — Knew our history, flaws included, and learned from its mistakes and successes. — Recognized and celebrated the progress we have made in so many areas. — Believed in Martin Luther King Jr’s message to judge others by their character. — Identified, first-and-foremost, as children of God — Held each other accountable for what we do now, not what our parents or grandparents did. — Understood life is not fair and we do the best we can, with what we have been given, and where we are. — Knew playing the “victim-card” is counter-productive and disabling. — Were more interested in truth than power, position, or money — Held accountable those who preach false narratives. — Enforced the law and supported our police as they police well. — Did not label all police as racists and corrupt. — Held each other accountable to the rule of law and did not stand by while cities burn. — Still believed in America’s overall goodness. — Believed that government is there to protect liberties, not take care of us. — Were represented by elected officers instead of allowing them to abdicate hard decisions. — Adhered to fiscal restraint and understood the consequences of unbridled spending. — Expected real journalism from the media instead of spin to fit agendas. — Demanded impartial justice to all no matter what position one holds. — Revered the Constitution and lived within its framework. — Kept governmental powers within its proper sphere. — Did not allow executives to abuse their power. — Knew socialism and all its counterfeits do not work. — Were willing to sacrifice for the next generation instead of selfishly enslaving them to our debt and excesses. — Were willing to heed God’s commandments and adhere to eternal truths.

Too bad we didn’t act on these, “if’s.”

But, we did not, and we will not unless the people awaken and correct the “woke”.

As for me? Thomas Paine had it right when he penned, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

Let us reverse course now, but if not, let us not delay this inevitable destruction to the next generation. The ones who put us here should taste the bitter fruit of their own making

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