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I Blame … You

Who is to blame for the rapid destruction of our nation? Whose fault is it that many Americans now believe our founding was based on corrupt principles; that Western culture is responsible for the social ills of the world and that our shared history is not worth preserving?  Why do so many think that slavery was an inherently-American institution and fail to recognize the central role of America in liberating slaves the world over?

I blame you.

You, who do not know the American creed so eloquently articulated in the Declaration of Independence and the exponential leap in human progress that this uniquely-American philosophy allowed.

You, who cannot answer when America was great, and the great moments we have had as a nation and the progress we have seen.

You, who do not understand the connection between liberty and opportunity, and are crushing your own children’s chances at their own pursuit of happiness.

You, who do not understand that equality does not mean equality of outcome, but, rather, equality of rights.

You, who do not know or share the founders’ vision for this nation.

You, who do not know our shared history and still want to wipe it out.

You, who think you are so enlightened by today’s standards of morality and harshly judge the great men of another era.

You, who think you would have been at the vanguard of the abolitionist movement; voting for women; gay marriage; abortion on demand; LGBTQ  rights; men in women’s sports; men in women’s bathrooms;  and all the other “enlightened” aspects of our day, if you had lived in 1750.

You, who stand by as the “enlightened” masses destroy our history and heritage.

You, who are too afraid to speak-up for what you know is right and wrong.

You, who exacerbate and exploit difficulties in race relations for your own power and corrupt-ends.

You, who fail to look at all of us as one race and, expediently, seek to divide and manipulate.

You, who preach false narratives to stir-up the masses to do your bidding.

You, who attempt to subvert public discourse and shame those who do not believe as you.

You, who are ignorant but have virulent opinions and act upon scenarios about which you know nothing.

You, who do not stop and think about what you are doing, but get caught up in the mob.

You, impotent legislators who sit idle while our chief executives usurp your power and our freedom.

You, politicians who place party over nation, self-interest over constituents.

You, politicians who let yourselves be corrupted by the system and then rationalize your positions and actions.

You, governors and local leaders, who allow lawlessness and the destruction of private and public property without consequence.

You, governors and local leaders, who maintain double-standards as it relates to enforcing pandemic laws but then leave lawless-mobs alone.

You, citizen, who does not understand the proper role of government and primary functions.

You, citizen, who meekly stands by while being pushed from all sides and take it without consternation about what this means for the next generation.

You, who are so willing to spend money at the federal level and think there will be no future consequence.

You, who are willing to think the Supreme Court is the savior and final arbiter of all that is right and good, and who believes that your responsibility ends after the judges are appointed.

You, who think our system will somehow run forever without a common vision or goal.

You, who fail to realize that our liberty is founded in law.

You, who fail to understand when the lawless get away with breaking the law, others will follow in droves.

You, who naively subscribe to the belief that police are, by definition, racist.

You, who think defunding the police is a good thing.

You, who do not think a person has a right to protect his private property.

You, mature adults who listen to screaming millennials, and believe them to be wise.

You, who have allowed your children to be misled and have not properly educated them in the home.

You, who do not take responsibility for your own actions and, instead, blame society or others.

Us, for allowing the corruption we have grown accustomed to at all levels of society.

Me, for not having the knowledge, influence, or position of authority to make a larger impact.

All this blame notwithstanding, I remain optimistic that, in acknowledging blame, and responsibility, we might arrest our decline and become indefatigable in reversing it.

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