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For Those Of You Who Think The Volatility Of 2020 Has Been Quelled

Two months and a few days from now, the United States holds an election that will have enormous impact, now and into the foreseeable future.

This could be said to be the case for many presidential elections but the choices before us are so vastly separated that we have not seen this kind of diverging views of America in an election cycle since the Civil War.

Unusual election? Yes, but the candidates aren’t all that make this such an unusual and compelling time.

Rather, this election will be held at a time when citizens have asked, and pundits have pushed, as never before, whether the process might be subverting the popular will in each State.  A topic rarely on the forefront of anyone’s priority list has emerged, like so many others of this year, from seemingly nowhere.

But, if you’re the type who says, “Nah,” couldn’t, shouldn’t, won’t happen here, then take heed. Lots of things that many of us could not believe might have happened, have …. happened.

Try these minor variables for setting the stage for civil unrest:

The pandemic. Our reaction to it. Resignation to lawlessness. Cancel Culture. Unemployment. Uncertainty everywhere. America hating. Systematic racism allegations. Racial tensions being stoked. Russia collusion accusations. The Obama’s administrative spying. Deep state political involvement. The impeachment attempt. Partisanship. Financial chaos. Arbitrary governance. False narratives galore. A breakdown of respect for our leadership. Demeaning of police. Media bias. And a general mistrust of anything in DC has set the stage for pandemonium.

We should be anticipating and prepared for the consequences of any outcome this November.

Worst scenario in my mind is a contested election.  If neither candidate has a clear majority of electoral votes on election night, we could face monumental upheaval.  This is not a far-fetched possibility. We already see controversy over mail-in ballots, potential of widespread voter fraud in this area, the Post Office’s lack of ability to handle massive volume of ballots and time-delays in counting the votes because of the delivery delays.

Because the election may be close in several swing-states, these may not be able to declare the winner for days, even weeks.  In the meantime, if experience shows us anything, lawsuits will be filed, and each side will increase the rhetoric as the stakes could not be higher.  Emotions will be running high and the probability of having riots in the street and violence, such as we have never seen during an election, is high.

Because our inner cities have demeaned their own police forces and allowed lawlessness in the form of property destruction and violence, the pump is primed and all that is needed is a lack of faith in our election system to set off a flood of destruction.

Personally, I think this is the most likely scenario so, let us take a cue from the Boy Scout Motto and, “Be Prepared.”

Another possibility is that Trump handily wins a second term.  If this happens it won’t be as violent, or destructive but bad things will still happen across the nation as the left never accepted Trump as a legitimate President first-time around. They won’t the second time either. Moreover, their anger and hate will need an outlet and it will come again in the form of mayhem.

Then, standby for another four years of allegations, accusations, and turmoil. There will be no end to attacking Trump and the left will continue to ratchet any-and-all ways to hinder Trump and his agenda for America.

I know a few solid Republicans who are not voting for Trump because they are tired of the fight and just want it gone as they have the false belief that peace will be obtained through capitulation.

The next possibility is that Biden wins.  In this case, it will be like a university winning an NCAA Football or Basketball Championship. Hopefully, the parades and rally’s that will follow will be peaceful but there will be marching and celebration in the streets like we have never seen after a presidential election.

After that the corruption and coverups begin anew, just as if Obama were back — but, worse.

Biden will not be in charge, as we all know, and the radicals will continue to make changes to America that redefines who we are and what we believe and practice.

Stand by.

You thought 2020, thus far, was vastly different? You have not seen anything, yet.

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