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Differences Of Opinion Don’t Make You A Racist

Love our enemies, we are admonished, and strive we ought to fulfill that commandment.

That is an especially tall-order against a political climate this Fall that cultivates hate, victimization, finger-pointing and name-calling.

Most of us are being accused of being racists in one way or another. How do we react?

The choices are stark, then: Close one’s mouth for fear of offending even more, OR opening it wider-than-ever to challenge a 2020 “group-think.”

Let’s go for the latter and use, what in wrestling jargon, is “no-holds barred.”

Here are today’s premises:

  • If you do not bow to the mandates of “Black Lives Matter” then you are labeled a racist even if you believe that “All Black Lives Matter” or even “All Lives Matter”.

  • If you do not accept that America is systemically racist, then you must be racist not to see it. If you do not believe in “White Privilege” then you are also racist.

  • If you do not accept your responsibility for black slavery then you are racist, even if your ancestors fought to free the slaves.

  • If you are not on board with reparations to descendants of slaves, then you must be racist.

  • If you believe that whites helped free the slaves, then you do not understand history and are a racist.

  • If you do not believe we should judge people who lived in days past by today’s standards you must be racist.

  • If you revere and honor our founding fathers and other great historical figures in American history, even some who held slaves, you must be racist.

  • If you do not agree with tearing down memorials to the flawed men and women who have made a great impact on our society, you are racist.

  • If you believe that America has made substantial progress in living up its ideals, you are a racist.

  • If you condemn the violent riots and the looting that has destroyed business and lives you are a racist.

  • If you are sickened by watching professional sports because you do not want to support anti-American and disrespectful conduct, you are a racist.

  • If you want to support the police and do not get caught up in the false narrative of all police are bad, you are a racist.

  • If you try and point out the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement in them protesting the tragic deaths of black people but only when whites are involved, you are a racist.

  • If you believe that America was great at any time in our long history, you must be a racist.

  • If you do not buy into the victim mentality and instead promote personal responsibility for action or inaction you must be racist.

  • If you judge people solely by the content of their character you must also be racist.

  • If you do not believe in affirmative action, you must be racist.

  • If you do not actively participate loudly in acknowledging America is bad, you are a racist.

And, if you’ll permit use of a mutant Socratic-method, here are responses to those premises:

  • How can someone who believes that we are all created in God’s image and that everyone, regardless of race, kindred, tongue, or heritage are His children and He love us all the same, be a racist?

  • How can anyone who believes that his or her life is no more or less valuable than anyone else’s be a racist?

  • How can anyone who believes that we should treat everyone as we want to be treated be a racist?

  • How can anyone who believes we are all brothers and sisters be a racist?

  • How can anyone seeking to love his fellow man to the best of his abilities be a racist?

Those who believe in the gospel that Jesus Christ taught in its pure form cannot be racist, unless they do not practice what they believe or what they are taught.

Wondering, still, if you are a racist? Please ask yourselves the questions, above.   If you believe and practice what Jesus taught, then you are not.

Do not allow others to beat you down verbally and tell you who you are or what you believe.  This is meant to disempower you and stifle your voice.

When others label you “racist” yet don’t know your heart and still revile and persecute you, it is not a reflection on you but on them.

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