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Corruption In The Bundy Case Exposed

Yes, I was at the Lloyd George U.S. Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas the morning of December 20, 2017. There were many of us at 7:30 a.m. already standing outside to show support for the Bundy family and the principles for which they stand.

There were also many supporting the Bundys to show disapproval for the flagrant, disgusting show and use of force by government in order to subdue a peaceful family in April, 2014.

I spoke with those in attendance and learned that many had also been at the Bundy ranch standoff four years ago. They knew what had happened because they were there! They were not surprised at revelations showing willful deceit and corruption on the part of BLM and federal prosecutors.

The Bundys were not surprised at the new information. They had lived it. It was government’s suppression of this information that should be shocking. Yet, why are we not shocked? Is corruption from top-to-bottom what we now expect from our government? The ties that bind us to our government are, indeed, fraying. At least the truth is starting to surface. But, what can be done to make up to the Bundys and others for their two years in prison? Who answers for government overreach and abuses? The answer: no one. That should tell us something.

Evidence in the hands of the Prosecution — or that should have been in its hands—and not provided the Defense included:• Surveillance footage of the Bundy home before the standoff, showing aggressive intent by BLM;• Information on BLM snipers that the prosecution said were fictitious;• Un-redacted logs of government officials at the Bundy ranch proving the opposite of its narrative;• Maps from BLM detailing positions of posts used by BLM to surveil the Bundys;• As many as five federal threat assessments showing the Bundys were peaceful and posed little or no threat. The exact opposite as insinuated by the Prosecution, and;• Internal-affairs memos showing that cattle on this land posed no threat to the desert tortoise, which government had contended.

These and other omissions were disclosed to the Defense long after disclosures were due on Oct. 1. Apparently, over 3,000 pages of evidence were obtained by the Defense as recently as December 15. Many of these documents are years-old and should have been easily accessible by the prosecutors if they were really interested in the truth. Only the persistence and skills of the Bundy legal team eventually have brought these to light. How many more undisclosed documents might there be? Who knows?

Because of this travesty, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial and will decide on January 8 if it is with prejudice. With all the evidence of top-to-bottom corruption on the government’s side, is there any doubt what the outcome should be?

Years ago, I would say no, there would be no doubt, but in today’s environment anything goes. Power corrupts, and we see today our bureaucrats wielding power with corruption that would rival the biggest crime families of a different era.

All of this over $8815 of unpaid federal grazing permit fees? Yes indeed. But there really is more to it.

We seem to be in an age when, if a government bureaucrat has a vendetta against someone, he or she has the power and ability to create hell for that person. It doesn’t matter who is right, government wants to prove to all that it is SOVEREIGN OVER YOU IN ALL CASES WHATSOEVER. Wow, reminds me of the Declaratory Act that Parliament sent to the colonists in 1765. It is no exaggeration to say that this is an issue over which we fought a revolutionary war.

Many have stayed away form this case and shunned the Bundys as the extremists depicted by our government. Is there any doubt that government is using, “spin?” Propaganda is to keep support suppressed and make those who support the Bundys appear to be extremists. Whether you agree with the Bundy’s stance or not about federal land –and many who speak on this issue have no clue — we should all be angered by the way the prosecutors and BLM have abused their powers in doing whatever it takes to score a victory. It’s all about winning to them, not truth and justice. What an embarrassment they are to themselves; what damage they have done to the bond between citizen and government. Shame on you all.

What will be the repercussions for the lying, cheating, oath-breaking bureaucrats who have been complicit in this witch-hunt? They should be jailed. Most likely, nothing will happen. They will move on to the next case, more careful that malice be concealed. They will become even better liars and destroyers of public trust.

To them it’s the equivalent of a video game. They get all the lives they want, and can try time-and-again to slay the enemy. Too bad the enemy is us. Too bad we have but one life.

An end-note to the federal employees and those elected who grasp both the enormity of their tasks and the limitations that accompany them.

Thank you for doing the right thing.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of the rule of law.

Thank you for recognizing the Constitution grants only certain limited powers to you over the people.

Thank you for standing up when you see abuses heaped upon your fellow citizen.

We need you to be faithful to the oaths you have taken.

We need you to understand those oaths. Don’t let position and power corrupt you, as it has so many.

Our Republic depends on it.

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