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ASU Student’s Tweet Bursts The Academic Bubble

The Blaze Radio Board of Directors at ASU unanimously voted to remove Rae Lee Klein as the station manager because of a tweet that read, “Always more to the story, folks. Please read this article to get the background of Jacob Blake’s warrant. You’ll be quite disgusted.”

The New York  Post article, referred to by Klein, went on to give more details on Jacob Blakes’s background and the situation prior to the police shooting.  The article provides information that people may not have read or heard and could have a significant impact on judging the incident accurately.  Especially now, we should promote getting all of the facts before weighing in, as the consequences of not having “the rest of the story” can be catastrophic.

But the article Klein’s post linked to does not support the narrative that this was another black man being shot unjustifiably by a racist cop.  By referring others to the article and commenting on it, Klein broke the unwritten rule of not being able to have an opinion outside of the academic  bubble in which she is immersed.

The action by the Board of Directors and comments from students show how corrupt, self-righteous, ignorant, unthoughtful, and cowardly, many have become, at least at ASU.

In order to make her tweet crime so bad as to be relieved of her position, think of the issues that the entire Blaze Radio Board would have to agree upon unanimously.

  1. The board knows all of the evidence about the Jacob Blake Shooting and that no one dare try and introduce new evidence to these omniscient beings.

  2. You cannot work for the station and have any opinions of your own making even OUTSIDE of the workplace.

  3. If you choose to make your opinions known and they can be interpreted in any way contrary to what the board agrees with, then you can be removed.

  4. You can try and explain your statement and even apologize for what you wrote, but the damage is done and there are no second chances. (Not sure what Klein was apologizing for, but she did)

  5. Other people’s opinions are not only unworthy of consideration, but the truth is not to be sought as what is found may be contrary to what we are selling.

  6. The punishment for this heresy of thinking for yourself and striving to find the truth is the utmost punishment we can administer.

  7. No one on the Board has ever had any opinions that could have offended someone or be interpreted unjustly.

  8. We must not think for ourselves and do what is right but submit to the mob “group think” and do what they demand.

Where are the adults in the room? Where are those who can critically think?

They embarrass themselves.

Not even one member of the board dissented!  That is incredible and that alone shows you what courageous heroes of free speech, tolerance, and expression they embody.

Sadly, we are in an era in which too many people look for ways to be offended and do not want to know the truth, if it doesn’t support their biases.

If anyone is looking for clear evidence of where we are today in society, you need not look any further than this one small example.

Being a University of Arizona Grad, I’m just happy this didn’t happen down in Tucson.  We may get there soon but now it’s time for my ASU Grad friends to step up and speak out.  Hello?

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